Increase sales and decrease returns by using

AI for personalised
shoe sizing

Measurement demo


of people experienced the fit problem while buying shoes online


is an average return rate
of shoes ordered online
due to poor fit

By integrating Footty you will give your shopper a unique experience just from the moment when shoes where selected. With our AI in the background we will help your customers with selecting right size by comparing their feet with feet of the other people, who already bought their perfect-sized shoes and guide them directly to the purchase.


All shoes are supported

We can make prediction to any shoe model even if it's yours new in-house label. All we need is to integrate our plugin to start analyzing your orders, each will increase quality of the prediction.


Customizable interface

We understand how important user journey is, so we are customizing design to your brand style and building perfect user experience to both new and returning shoppers.


Fast integration

The basic version of our solution can be integrated just in few lines of code. Also there is no need to provide all your products database, but we will require sales and returns data.